Student Services

Student Services provides support to ADMC students. It is the hub connecting students, college administration, employers, sponsors and outside organisations. Student Services staff comprises the Careers Centre, Student Counsellor, Work Placement and Student Council. Each of these functions has specific duties and responsibilities and provides student support.

Career Centre

The Career Centre staff is available to give individual or group career guidance to students at any stage, prior to registration until after graduation. Employment Fairs are usually held twice a year to inform students about career opportunities.

Student Counsellor

Students have direct access to the Student Counsellor on a walk-in or referral basis. Students may be advised on academic-related and personal matters in order to achieve academic success and personal growth.

Work Placement

Certain programs require that students complete a period of at least eight weeks monitored work placement in the community prior to graduation. The Work Placement Office arranges the placements ensuring that appropriate positions are assigned.

Student Council

Each year interested students are nominated to join the Student Council. The Council members represent the views and concerns of students to college administration. The Council is involved in developing programs and activities of general interest to students.