Student Support

Active Learning Zone (ALZ)

The Active Learning Zone (ALZ) offers additional learning opportunities in English for students at all academic levels. In addition, individualized tutoring encourages motivation to study and so supports students to reach their full potential in areas such as exam preparation and every day practice. Learners who are experiencing difficulty in acquiring essential skills receive focused assistance in a welcoming environment.

Students can develop their language and augment content of key disciplines using traditional, virtual, and communicative materials aimed at equipping them with strategies for success and life-long learning. Students may use this service on a one-off or regular basis or they can drop in independently or be introduced to the service by faculty.

Maths and Physics Support Centre (MPSC)

The Maths and Physics Support Centre helps students maximize their learning of mathematics and physics through peer tutoring overseen by the mathematics faculty. Assistance is given on a one-to-one basis and in small groups, allowing students to have more chances to interact with peer tutors and faculty. There is a rich bank of hands-on practice materials available, fostering a learning-by-doing atmosphere. The MPSC also supports students who are on independent study paths through the use of ALEKS software, an interactive, self-paced online mathematics program.

Assistive Technology Learning Resource Centre (ATLRC)

The Assistive Technology Learning Resource Centre provides support to students with special needs. The most advanced assistive learning devices are available. Qualified staff match students to appropriate support and technologies, empowering them and ensuring education is accessible to all.