Computer & Information Science Specializations

BAS MAJORS: The following BAS Major programs are offered at ADMC:

  • Information Systems – Business Solutions: This major will develop knowledge and skills of students to apply information technology solutions to business problems and be prepared for leadership roles in IT management.
  • Information Systems – Security & Forensics: It provides technical and managerial skills for assessing risk, securing information assets, identifying and responding to attacks, conducting forensic investigation and recovering from incidents and disasters.
  • Information Technology – Applications Development: The major offers knowledge and skills in current software development methodologies using state of the art tools. It integrates enterprise systems development, database technologies and mobile platforms.
  • Information Technology – Computer Networking: The major provides knowledge and skills to work in all levels of Local and Enterprise networks: edge technologies such as switched, wireless & mobile networks; LAN, WAN and core routing technologies; network security; and server administration.