Electrical, Electronics Technology

The engineering technology programs at Abu Dhabi Men’s College prepare graduates for positions in the oil, gas, and communications industries which include national companies, multinational contractors, and related governmental agencies.

The programs are broad based, covering engineering mathematics, physics, circuits, electronics, programming, instrumentation, control systems, project management, health safety & environment, work placement, and discipline specific courses.

The program may be completed in two years for the Associated of Applied Science or four years for the Bachelor of Applied Science.

Electrical Engineering Technology
Also called power engineering or heavy-current engineering, electrical engineer graduates have opportunities for employment in Abu Dhabi Distribution, TransCo, Arabian Power, and other similar companies deal with the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy in consideration of power loss and the environment. Graduates also have opportunities to serve in the government, military, and heavy industries such as Emirates Steel and various subsidiary companies of ADNOC which require installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical generators, motors and machines.

Electronics Engineering Technology
This field of engineering involves low power electronics systems used in measurement, control, and communications. Graduates have a variety of employment opportunities including the installation and maintenance of electronic devices in the health care industry, control systems of ADNOC companies, and communications systems of Etisalat, Du, municipality, police, military, and other related organizations.