Nabil Saleh Al Dhaheri

Director of Monitoring and Evolution at UAE Ministry of international cooperation and Development
Director of Monitoring and Evolution at UAE Ministry of international cooperation and Development

Nabil graduated in 2000 from the Higher College of Technology (ADMC) and holds a Higher Diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology.

He is currently working as a Director of Monitoring and Evolution at UAE Ministry of international cooperation and Development (MICAD), which has been operational since early 2013.

MICAD’s key objectives include raising UAE profile as an international donor in development and humanitarian felid, documenting foreign aid provided by UAE based donor organizations, building individual and organizational capacities of UAE donor organizations helping UAE donor improve delivery of humanitarian and development programmes worldwide and advising them on best allocation of resources and raising the UAE’s humanitarian profile by building and strengthening ties between the UAE foreign aid sector and the international aid community.

Among Nabil’s duties is to coordinate with international bodies with a view to strengthening the United Arab Emirates as a donor of an international donor, in addition to measuring the impact of UAE foreign aid, providing an effective decision –making platform , and comprehensive documentation of the public and private foreign aid flows of the UAE, and support improving the performance of the UAE as a major foreign aid donor in addition to providing high-quality support services that are efficient, transparent and timely, which is done throughout main units responsible for fulfilling its strategic objectives, information management, aid program and policy, monitoring and evaluation , field support , training and capacity – building , and international relations and public information .

After completing his Higher Diploma at ADMC Nabil started his career at Abu Dhabi Educational Zone as a chairman of Department of Educational Administration and adult Education for evening school, in which he focused on applying new technologies and electronic facilities in the evening schools where as he applied his educational skills and academics that he acquired from the classes he used to attend at ADMC.

Nabil was promoted to Deputy Area Director for Educational Affairs, Director of Al Ain Educational Zone- Responsible for all the schools in the area of public and private education. His success in these positions led him to initiate the new customer services in Al Ain Educational Zone.

From 2010 to March 2013 Nabil joined UAE Office for Coordination of the Foreign Aid (OCFA) as a director of programs, responsible for three units including training and capicty building, filed support, policy , monitoring and evaluation.

Nabil supports UAE – based donor organization documenting aid flows providing information , expert advice and capacity –building for UAE nationals , to ensure that .the UAE’s humanitarian and development assistance is as effective as possible which is the main mission statement of MICAD.

Nabil applied all the academic knowledge that he acquired from ADMC during his study as an electrical engineer to assist the need and level of donation of the new technologies that need to be donated as a foreign aid as a part of UAE development programs worldwide, in addition to providing experienced lectures to the department based on what he was taught at ADMC.

Nabil is an education advocate who will continue his educational dream to reach the highest position in his field.