Mohammed Zaid M. Harbi

Dr:Ali Khoory
Mohammed Zaid M. Harbi.
IT Technical Support Manager – ADGAS

College: Abu Dhabi Men’s College

Year of Graduation: 2006

If I told you that I worked very hard to get to where I am, I would be lying.. Because I have no idea what I did precisely to get here, and I’m not sure if I know where “here” is! There is no formula for success. All I know is that we should never stop doing our best, never have a goal called success. Instead, one should be investing in himself, improving his skills and widening his knowledge and thus, creating a value out of himself. As Albert Einstein once said: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of Value”.
That where HCT helps. It gave us, as students, the environment and the opportunities to build ourselves into what we are now. To create a value.

I joined HCT in Sharjah and majored in Applied Electronics & Computer Systems.. Graduated with Higher Diploma in 2002.. Not with bright scores, but i had the honor of winning a nation-wide certificate in “Best Performance in Math for Engineering”.

In 2003, i joined ADGAS in Abu Dhabi. I started off as a Systems Engineer specializing in supporting SAP ERP applications and its infrastructures and Servers. After finishing my development program, I continued my studies.
I Joined HCT again, in Abu Dhabi, and got my Bachelors in Engineering Management in 2006.
3 years later, I was promoted to Senior Systems Engineer, expanding my responsibilities to more than systems and applications. Managing people, teams and being in different committees.

By 2010, and after the management noticed my value, I got promoted to a new position, a new challenge with totally different game play; The Head of Customer Services Department. I was 30 years old at the time, and many considered me the youngest manager in ADGAS, which is a well-established and saturated company.
You don’t just manage your people in this area; you manage end users’ expectations, vendor’s relationships, and different support teams. The challenge was, and still is, keeping strong relationships with each of them, even though some of them do not report directly to you.

By the end of 2014, I had the chance to manage another department, the I.T. Infrastructure Department. Which is the backbone for all of our I.T. operations within ADGAS and with it, I inherited a major responsibility of keeping all IT operations available and reliable.
At the end, you should always look for opportunities to improve your skills and increase your knowledge. For me, I like new projects, and being in different teams. To travel & read. Never feel old to learn and discover. Because this is the only way to maximize your value. If you stop feeding in new streams of information, knowledge and experience into your brain, you will never be able to give back and create value. No “In”? no “Out”! Simple as that.
And never aim for success, there’s no such target. Do what you love and believe in what you do, and results will come naturally. And remember, success is not measured by the position you reach in life, but by the obstacles you overcome. And for that, I believe we have a long way to go, or at least I do.
There’s no destination, there’s no end, so.. KEEP WALKING.

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