Mohamed Al Katheeri

Mohamed Abdullah Saeed SalemAl KhateeriHead of Etihad Airways AircraftsWarranty and Guarantee
Mohamed Abdullah Saeed Salem
Al Khateeri
Head of Etihad Airways Aircrafts
Warranty and Guarantee

I would like to tell you some of the brilliant anthology of my life in the aviation world. It is for sure that the UAE national can accomplish and complete his work in serving his country as and more than others, in order to motivate the new generation of the local youth who have joined the world of Etihad Airways and specially to Etihad Airways – Technical.

Let me summarize my career to say that I have an experience of 10 years. This was not earned with null, but it included many difficulties which were concluded in accomplishments in my professional background, as I was the first Aircraft Engineer in my batch that was conferred upon all Aircraft Engineer licenses, i.e. Aircraft Engineer licenses issued from CAA based in London and approved in 32 European Country (EASA License) and Sultanate of Oman (DGCAM License) in the old days of Gulf Air. I obtained an approved Aircraft Engineer license in UAE from Department of Civil Aviation, Abu Dhabi (GCAA License). In addition to the above I am authorized to certify on four airplanes. Further I am the first UAE national in my batch to be conferred upon Bachelor Degree in Engineering Management. Also, I am the first national in my batch and all through the Company (GAMCO) to obtain Masters Degree “Distinction and High Honor”. All the above-mentioned was during my job in the Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company (previously called GAMCO and currently ADAT). After the rising of Etihad Airways, I joined Etihad Airways as from the first nationals who joined the Technical Division in Etihad Airways. I worked as a safety manager, and then as a Head of Warranty and Guarantee in Technical Division, in which I achieved and exceeded in each year all of the objectives that set during my job as a head of the section.

I would like to bring your attention that among the difficulties I faced during my professional life included how to work under pressure with the nature of the area’s atmosphere in order to complete all the works related to the aircraft so that to get out from the Aircraft Hanger with the proper planning so it takes off as per the schedule set for it. In addition to the way of dealing with different nationals and cultures in order to gain their experience and work with them as a one team to accomplish the works set for us to create a good work environment. For the administrative works, I can say that achieving the annual goals and objectives of the section is the greatest challenge as its accomplishment is a success of the section.

Again, dears nothing has come from null. As you know, the challenges in the world of Aviation is very hard, especially on the UAE nationals as it is rare to find nationals work in this field, and for its difficulty to continue due to many reasons which you know, but the most important for us as nationals, that we shall continue to assure that we also can achieve because this is our homeland, and we are the ones who have to achieve all of this. Yes, there are difficulties and obstacles, but with our efforts we will achieve Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. And let us make our country a model to be followed by all the world, how it was in the 1950th, and how it has become today!


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