Kamal Salim Rashid

Director – Strategic Planning & Institutional Excellence
Director – Strategic Planning & Institutional Excellence

My professional career after Graduating

I have gained knowledge and understanding in the managerial field of strategic planning. Moreover, I have a sound knowledge on project management, government administration and acquaintance in the nominal field of civil engineering, town planning and geographical information system (GIS). I have acquired the distinctive experience that combines the technical and the managerial knowledge. This has been the involvement of 12 years’ experience that have to the development of the business process and planning skills.

I am currently the Director of Ministry of International Cooperation and development from May 2013 onwards. My duties includes set specific curriculum for designing strategic and operational plans, priorities of performance thereof and measurement mechanism in ministry, prepare and develop strategic and operating plans and design measurement index, submit reports for all organizational units performance in the ministry and affiliated entities and evaluate their applying results, achieve conformity between work plans and programs in the ministry and quality program standards and governmental excellence, apply quality regulations, forms and requirements of developing institutional performance and governmental excellence that supports excellence culture and clients excellent service, develop manuals, regulations, work procedures, prepare studies concerning work development as per performance measurement results.

Since August 2010 i was working at the ministry of foreign trade as a director in strategic planning and institution excellence. I have managed to set fixed methodology for strategies and the operational plans in order to foster the establishment of policies and the priority of execution. Moreover, I am well informed of mechanism of measuring them in the ministry to prepare and develop strategic and operational plans and the work schedules of the ministry for the evaluation of the implementation results.

Earlier in July 2012 from February 2009, I worked in the same ministry as a director of strategic planning and performance manager for one and a half years. The strategic planning involved the setting of fixed methodology for the further mechanism of measuring them in the ministry. There was also the responsibility of following up and evaluating the performance through the coordination of the plans for performance of the ministry. This coordination is focused on facilitating the performance evaluation for the ministry. There is also the performance of the indicator and submit the performance reports concerning all the organization units in the ministry and the affiliate authorities.

In September 2007 to February 2009, I worked as an analyst, mapping and drawing in the municipality of Abu Dhabi city. I had the responsibility of analyzing GIS maps, aerial photographs in order to facilitate the detection and interpretation of significant and the needed spatial data. This also ensured the accuracy, identification and marking errors and correction. There was also the responsibility of monitoring the mapping work and updating the maps in order to ensure accuracy. There was also the provision and update of overlay maps in order to show information boundaries, water locations and topography feature on various base maps and at different scales.

For a period of three years and four months, I worked in the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City as a senior administrator. This was the period between June 2004 and September 2007. The duties that I carried out included coordination of customers, and liaising between employees and management to obtain quality work productivity. I also had the role of following up the process of developing the general, strategic plan for the sector.

In September 2000 and June 2004, I worked as an engineer (Project Coordinator) in NPCC for a period of three years and ten months. The duties assigned to me included coordinating and following up the project procurement activities, follow up deliver status. I also had the duties to coordinate the internal department in order to obtain the project needs and follow up the client remark and making sure to obtain the remark.

I gained a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the HCT, however, I was always trying to enrich my knowledge and sharpening my skills through the years. I have a master now in International Business from the Wollongong University in Dubai (2006) and continuing my doctoral program in the same university. In the same time, I try to continue enhancing my leadership skills and knowledge through experience and programmed training like (TATWEER program in Sharjah) and (LEAD program which is delivered by Cambridge University and hosted by Al Dar properties).

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