Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri

Dr:Ali Khoory
HE Prof. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri is the Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID).

College: Abu Dhabi Men’s College

Year of Graduation: 1998

HE Prof. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri is the Director General (Under Secretary) of the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID). He was appointed to this role in 2011. With his strategic and performance driven orientation, he played a vital role in converting the organization it into one of the most successful government agencies in the UAE and a benchmark both regionally and worldwide in management practices and technology implementations. Emirates ID was recognized in the UAE Government Excellence Program in 2012 as the Best Federal Authority in the UAE, and received three other Awards: Best Organizational Leadership, Best Customer Service, and Best Partnered Project (eVoting).

Prior to joining Emirates ID, he worked with the Ministry of Interior (1990-2003). He started his career as a project manager, and his last post was the head of development division. During his work with the Interior, he got involved in many strategic and mission-critical projects.

Dr. Al Khouri is a fellow and member of many scientific and research associations, and is recognized both nationally and internationally as think-tank, and for his management expertise and technical knowledge in various field of practices in government and public sector. He has developed different intellectual methodologies and frameworks to handle the challenges faced by government organizations, among which is an innovative methodology for planning and strategic management of government sector projects, and another innovative methodology for e-government transformation to enable the concept of customer centricity and improve public sector service delivery. He has got more than 12 patented inventions and intellectual properties.

Dr. Al-Khouri is also a Professor of Identity and Security and Follow of the British Institute for Technology and e-Commerce in London, UK. He is an active researcher in the field of organizational development and transformation, e-government, knowledge-based digital economy, identity management, and in many other specialized fields. He has published over 60 scientific research articles in international peer-reviewed journals in the past ten years.

Dr. Al Khouri received his Higher Diploma in ‘Business Information Technology’ from the HCT ADMC in 1997-1998 with Honors and Distinction. He completed his higher education in the top-10 UK universities, where he received his B.Sc. (Hons.) in ‘Business Information Technology Management’ from Manchester University, M.Sc. in ‘Information Management’ from Lancaster University, and an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from Warwick University in the field of ‘Strategic and Large Government Projects Management’.

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