Abdu Rahman Al Jahoushi

In the last 26 years, Abu Dhabi Men’s College has graduated more than 12,000 students who have joined the UAE workforce in both the public and private sectors. Many of our graduates are an integral part in their organizations, holding key and influential roles nationally, regionally and internationally.

I hope that your education at Abu Dhabi Men’s College was both enjoyable and a major factor in contributing to your life-skills and technical expertise. Our Alumni Coordinators are planning to bring together as many of our alumni as possible, generating a network of professionals and industry leaders who recognize the power of higher education!

This is a College with a widespread and hard-earned reputation for outstanding teaching and learning, stretching over 26 years. Most importantly, this is a College that puts students at the very center of everything it does. ADMC is home also to a group of exceptional staff and students committed to promoting academic excellence.


Engg. Abdu Rahman Al Jahoushi
Director, Abu Dhabi Men’s College

– Mission

To reconnect, engage and involve the Abu Dhabi Men’s College alumni with ADMC and the HCT by creating effective lines of communication and generating value for and from the alumni.